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SourceLife Show Host Ayse D is available for interviews, public speaking events, workshops and guest posts.


Ayse is the Host and Founder of SourceLife Show and the Publisher of SourceLife Magazine. After 12 years in senior roles as a corporate marketer, heading up teams at Virgin Media, Royal Bank of Scotland and Samsung – but one day she woke up paralyzed unable to move.

After months of testing, doctors diagnosed chronic fatigue and told her that there was no cure. Not willing to accept the prognosis, Ayse researched ways to heal and got well enough to travel the world meeting experts in health and wellness.

As she learnt from these experts, she also discovered ways to improve not just her health but her relationships, mindset, and overall outlook on life.

When she returned to London she left her job, set up her own business and now dedicates her time to helping others learn from these experts and help to transform their lives.


SourceLife Show airs on 15 radio stations across the US every Wednesday & Friday 5pm Pacific 8pm Eastern. Reaching on average 75k listeners a month.

The show also airs on iHeart Radio.

Topics of Conversation:

  • Tips for leaving the corporate world
  • Simple ways to meditate
  • How to be a successful digital nomad
  • How to use social media consciously
  • The power of visualization
  • How to transform your body without medication
  • Bio-hacking the natural way
  • Lessons from Tony Robbins (Date with Destiny)
  • Lessons from Deepak Chopra (Ayurveda)
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