Overcoming adversity, Manifesting your desires and a vision that transformed an industry

Mary Shores is the best selling Hay House of Conscious Communications.

She is also a speaker and CEO of her own business and spends her time helping to empower others to live the lives they have always wanted to live.

But her start in life wasnt easy, but despite all the adversity she has been through she has come a long way and now inspires others to improve their lives around the world with her work.

Mary is renowned for her no-nonsense approach and telling it how it is and has appeared internationally on TV, Podcasts and appeared in magazines.

She’s an absolute expert at getting to the route cause of people’s situation and using thoroughly tested ideas which she has researched she is able to get anyone to change their mindset and ultimately change their lives.

Mary’s book Conscious Communication can be found on Amazon.

And you can download her guidebook for FREE here  http://maryshores.com/cc-guidebook-free/

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