A Bit About Us

AAyse D is the editor and publisher of SourceLife Magazine and the host of SourceLife Show. Dedicated to bringing the world’s best experts in mind, body, spirit, personal growth and business development in one place.

Ayse spent 14 years working in senior positions at global brands like Samsung, 02, Virgin Media and Royal Bank of Scotland before suddenly being struck down with chronic fatigue that forced her to stop working.

Determined to find answers to her illness and change her life she embarked on a mission to travel the world to seek out experts to help her. Happily she not only reversed her illness but is stronger and healthier than before and has helped many people through their own health and personal growth challenges.

SourceLife is Ayse’s answer to all those unanswered questions to helping people become the ultimate version of themselves.  By interviewing the world’s best experts in Mind, Body, Spirit, Personal Growth and Business Development it’s her dream that the advice will help transform the lives of anyone who is struggling or in need of advice.

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